The Month of Nutrition and Celebrating International Women’s Day

Posted on 10 Mar 2022 in Nutrition

The Month of Nutrition and Celebrating International Women’s Day

Posted on 10 Mar 2022 in Nutrition


Winter is breathing its last gasp (finally). That means March is here, and with it a few events to keep your eyes on. Firstly, the entire month is dedicated to nutrition, as organized by the Dieticians of Canada who make it their mission to demonstrate the value of a healthy diet.

On March 8th, we also celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD), an important time to recognize the women in our lives and also consider the global inequality many women still face. While IWD is a great opportunity to connect with the women in your life, taking time to celebrate the women in our lives shouldn’t be contained to a single day.

March is a month filled with events and opportunities for self improvement. Here’s some information to consider:

Nutrition Month 2022: Ingredients for a Healthier Tomorrow

This year’s Nutrition Month has the theme of “Ingredients for a Healthier Tomorrow.” In essence, this March will be about equipping people with the knowledge, resources and habits they need to live healthy in the future. For seniors, this is particularly important – establishing good habits as early as possible will set you up well for comfortable and mobile later years.

But a healthier tomorrow is about more than our physical health – this Nutrition Month also focuses on sustainable food production and eating food that reduces harm to the environment. It’s an unfortunate fact, but the global food production system is a major contributor to climate change. However, by making intentional choices about what food we eat, we can encourage farmers and producers to make food that has fewer negative impacts on the planet.

This Nutrition Month is also about recognizing the less fortunate, and those who lack consistent access to healthy food. Ingredients for a Healthier Tomorrow also seeks to find solutions for people who are impacted by food insecurity, and find ways to connect with community leaders to reduce the number of people impacted by hunger.

Finding ways to increase food security is a top priority for us at Heart to Home Meals. For seniors with mobility issues or health issues, accessing healthy food can be challenging. By ensuring our meals are tailored to be delicious and healthy, and bringing them right to you, we hope to be a part of the solution to ending food insecurity, and helping to provide ingredients for a healthier tomorrow.

International Women’s Day 2022: Break the Bias

The theme of this year's IWD was “Break the Bias”. In this case, the bias refers to the widespread bias against women, believing they are less capable than men. Sometimes, these biases can be unconscious, women are treated differently by people who don’t even recognize they are doing it. This year’s IWD attempted to pull the curtain back and take a hard look at the biases that still exist around the world towards women.

Bias is something many seniors can relate to. Whether it’s about physical ability or mental sharpness, seniors often have to deal with negative stereotypes and assumptions imposed on them by society, the media and even individuals in our lives. IWD is a great opportunity to consider how these biases affect us personally, and relate to the women in our lives who are similarly affected by perceptions – both conscious and unconscious – that might make life more challenging for them.

While IWD is a great time to reflect on these things, reflection needs not stop there. Take a second to consider the women in your life. If you’re a woman, talk to others in your life and share stories of the bias you’ve faced and continue to face. It’s a good idea to talk with younger women and get a feel for what goals are important to them and let them know what’s important to you. If you’re a man, you have the opportunity to connect with the women in your life and listen to their stories. Take a moment to consider how you think of and react to women, and consider if you have any biases that you haven’t thought of.


March is the month where we say goodbye to winter and hello to spring. As the month of new beginnings, it’s also an excellent opportunity for self-improvement. In the case of nutrition, think about how the food you eat impacts your health. Also take some time to consider those less fortunate, and how common food insecurity is in your community.

On March 8th, we also recognized International Women’s Day, and the theme “Break the Bias”. The time is always right to check in with and celebrate the women in your life, while noting the struggles they still face. A spring cleaning of our own biases is never a bad idea!

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